Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment
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Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

When I launched my photography business, I knew that I needed more space than I had at home. That's when I decided to rent a local storage unit to keep my studio gear organized. I spent a lot of time researching backdrops, staging, racks, and storage tips to keep all of my gear organized and protected when I wasn't shooting. With so many photographers looking for ways to expand their operations, I decided to share my storage tips so that I could possibly help others with their needs. I hope the information here makes it easier for you to organize your equipment and grow your studio.

Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

  • 3 Reasons Why You Will Require Climate Controlled Storage

    31 May 2022

    If you research the storage facilities available around the country, you will see countless companies advertising climate-controlled storage. The facilities are pricier than the regular storage units, and some people ignore them at first. They are also available in a limited number of sizes. Despite their limitations, they are one of the most efficient ways to store items susceptible to weather damage. Here are three main reasons you might need climate-controlled storage units for your belongings.

  • Storage Units Often Hold Furniture For Many Reasons

    15 March 2022

    Furniture is one of those things you can end up with an excessive amount of that you can't easily just find some extra space for. This is why so many people turn to storage facilities for their furniture storage needs. Here, you will learn more about reasons for storing furniture, as well as tips for doing so.  Furniture Storage Comes in Handy for Many Reasons Moving - If you are moving, you may want to put your furniture into a storage unit for a short period of time.

  • Keep Holiday Decorations Safer By Utilizing These 5 Storage Tools

    15 November 2021

    Do you utilize self-storage to keep your holiday decorations out of your hair? Then it's probably time to get these out and use them. But as you do so, take time to consider how you can improve on your storage techniques when you return them. Rather than just pile everything in a box, consider the value of using a few common organizational tools to keep things safe and neat. Here are five such tools to try.

  • 5 Storage Solutions for Your Garage

    11 August 2021

    An organized garage means there is always plenty of room for both your vehicle and all the items you need to store it. The right storage solutions can help you make the most of the space 1. Pegboards Pegboards are the ideal storage solution for tools. You can install a pegboard on any wall, but the ideal location is over a workbench or tool storage unit that holds your larger tool items.

  • The First-Timer's Questions About Renting A Storage Unit

    22 April 2021

    There comes a time in most people's lives when they need to rent a storage unit. Sometimes, the storage unit is a place to keep items that you no longer have room for at home. Other times, it's an in-between storage spot during a move. In any event, the storage industry tends to be a bit of a mystery to those who have never rented a unit before. If you have some questions about storage units and the rental process, you're not alone.