Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment
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Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

When I launched my photography business, I knew that I needed more space than I had at home. That's when I decided to rent a local storage unit to keep my studio gear organized. I spent a lot of time researching backdrops, staging, racks, and storage tips to keep all of my gear organized and protected when I wasn't shooting. With so many photographers looking for ways to expand their operations, I decided to share my storage tips so that I could possibly help others with their needs. I hope the information here makes it easier for you to organize your equipment and grow your studio.

Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

The Importance Of Using Durable Warehouse Pallet Racks For Inventory

Brian Hamilton

Millions of dollars worth of inventory may flow through your warehouse each week. As the warehouse manager, you are charged with keeping it all as safe as possible so it can be shipped out to retailers across the country.

Part of protecting this valuable inventory involves preventing it from damage like rot, pest infestation, and breakage. You can keep it as safe as possible by using warehouse pallet racks on which to store it.

Protection from Breaking

If you were to leave inventory piled up in the middle of your warehouse floors, you could cause it to become irreparably broken. Your workers might kick and break boxes of inventory as they walk throughout the place. The workers may also run it over with equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks.

Rather than leaving the inventory out where it can be walked and run over, you can place it on warehouse pallet racks. You can place those racks along the walls and in other areas that are out of the way in the warehouse. You can keep the inventory on them out of the path of traffic and ensure it does not get broken or smashed.

Protection from Water

Water can also ruin inventory that your workers unload and load in the warehouse each day. However, you may need to spray off the floors to clean grease, sawdust, and other debris away. You need to store inventory out of the way of water so it does not get wet and ruined.

Warehouse pallet racks allow you to keep the inventory off the floor and out of the way of water you use to sanitize the warehouse floors. You can store the inventory high enough on the warehouse pallet racks so it does not come into contact with any water and will not become ruined or heavily damaged.

Protection from Pests

Finally, warehouse pallet racks let you keep inventory like bags of dog food off the floor where pests like ants and spiders can easily get into it. You can ensure your inventory does not spoil because of pest infestations. You also avoid having to pay for inventory that must be thrown out because pests got into it.

Warehouse pallet racks serve multiple important purposes in your warehouse. They keep inventory off the floor so it will not be broken or run over, and they also keep inventory safe from water and pests.