Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment
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Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

When I launched my photography business, I knew that I needed more space than I had at home. That's when I decided to rent a local storage unit to keep my studio gear organized. I spent a lot of time researching backdrops, staging, racks, and storage tips to keep all of my gear organized and protected when I wasn't shooting. With so many photographers looking for ways to expand their operations, I decided to share my storage tips so that I could possibly help others with their needs. I hope the information here makes it easier for you to organize your equipment and grow your studio.

Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Storage Unit

Brian Hamilton

Are you worried about all of the extra things that you'll be receiving as a result of the holidays? Have you already started wondering where you're going to keep all of the new holiday decorations that you purchased this year? When you already have a bunch of stuff packed into your home, it can seem impossible to figure out where you're going to put anything new. Even if you're planning on having a yard sale once the weather gets warmer, you still have to figure out where to store everything in the meantime. This is where getting a storage unit can be a good idea. Some advantages of using one include:

Sorting belongings: Sometimes, you aren't completely sure whether you want to keep a thing, sell it, or maybe want to give it away. Storage units are great for this. For these uncertain items, place them into storage for a few months. If you haven't thought about them or needed to use them after 6-10 months, you can safely get rid of them in whatever manner you so choose. At this time, you can also put other items into storage to see whether or not you actually want to keep them.

Freed space: Your home may actually have sufficient room to store everything but you simply don't feel like you have space to shuffle everything around to store it properly. Storage units away from your home let you store a portion of your belongings so that you have more room to work. Getting rid of your beach gear temporarily, for instance, will give you more room to work out a viable storage solution for your skiing equipment and so forth. Over time, you can start to move things back into your home so that you no longer need the storage unit for this purpose.

Security: Unfortunately, not everyone is able to live in a completely safe neighborhood with no crime at all. If you have a prized set of expensive DIY tools that you normally keep in the garage, these could potentially be stolen at any time. A good storage facility, on the other hand, is surrounded by high fences and the storage units are watched over by security cameras at all hours of the day or night. Break-ins are extremely rare but, if they do happen, the large number of cameras makes it much more likely that the thieves will be caught than if they had broken into an average home in your neighborhood.

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