Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment
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Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

When I launched my photography business, I knew that I needed more space than I had at home. That's when I decided to rent a local storage unit to keep my studio gear organized. I spent a lot of time researching backdrops, staging, racks, and storage tips to keep all of my gear organized and protected when I wasn't shooting. With so many photographers looking for ways to expand their operations, I decided to share my storage tips so that I could possibly help others with their needs. I hope the information here makes it easier for you to organize your equipment and grow your studio.

Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

Tips For Long-Term Home Storage

Brian Hamilton

There are many reasons that you may have to store a lot of your belongings; whether you are buying new items or moving into a smaller place, you may need some extra storage space. You can try to find a reasonable storage unit to store your belongings, but it is possible that it is not in your budget. If this is the case, then you need to be sure to find the perfect place on your property to store your extra belongings. Here are a few things that you should remember when you start to store your belongings. 

Pest Control

Pests are often a very big problem. One of the most important things that you can do is find a location where bugs are not an issue. Most of the topnotch storage facilities will have a professional pest-control service. This is because carpenter ants, roaches, spiders, and even rodents can get into your belongings and really cause a great deal of damage. If you are going to be storing your belongings on your property, it is worthwhile to invest in some very good pest control. This will give your items the protection that they need to last. 

Climate Control

If it is possible, you should do everything that you can to find a location on your property or in your house that is climate controlled. You want climate control for a few reasons. The first reason is so your belongings are not subject to thaw-and-freeze cycles. When your things cool off or freeze, they will contract, and when they heat up, they will expand. With many items, such as electronics, this becomes very important because the thaw-and-freeze cycle can cause them to become brittle. Another reason that you want climate control is so the cool air in the morning does not condense and become condensation. The moisture in the air can cause a lot of problems for all of your belongings. 

Storage Bins and Covers

If you really want to protect your belongings, you should take the time to pack your items away in a really high-quality storage bin. There are plastic bins that can protect your belongings from pests and water. You may also want to consider putting any furniture or special items in a type of covering. No matter where you store your items, be sure it is safe and secure.

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