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Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

When I launched my photography business, I knew that I needed more space than I had at home. That's when I decided to rent a local storage unit to keep my studio gear organized. I spent a lot of time researching backdrops, staging, racks, and storage tips to keep all of my gear organized and protected when I wasn't shooting. With so many photographers looking for ways to expand their operations, I decided to share my storage tips so that I could possibly help others with their needs. I hope the information here makes it easier for you to organize your equipment and grow your studio.

Storage Snapshots: Photography Equipment

Safe Storage Tips For Household Linens

Brian Hamilton

If you need to store your household linens in a storage unit for an extended period of time, then it's important that you know how to do so properly. Without good preparation and storage techniques, your household linens could be damaged by dust, insects, or rodents. Use these time-tested tips to safely store your household linens in a self-storage unit:

Tip: Thoroughly Wash and Dry All Items Before Storing

It is vital that you thoroughly wash and dry all of the linens that you store in your self-storage unit. Washing each item serves multiple purposes, including:

  • removing rodent attracting food stains

  • removing odors from the fabric

  • removing wrinkles from the items

Once the linens are clean and fresh, then you need to let them thoroughly dry before you place them into storage containers. While you might be tempted to pull each item out of the dryer and quickly put it into its container, this is au unwise idea. Even well-dried fabrics will still have some moisture that needs to evaporate off before storing your items. If you skip this step, then you will find your linens come out of your storage unit with mold on them.

Tip: Vacuum Seal Linens in Fabric Storage Bags

Since storing your household linens will take up a lot of space in your storage unit, you should place as many of them as possible into vacuum seal storage bags. These bags are available at your home improvement center and are simple to use. All you need to do is simply place your linens into the bags, seal them tightly, and then evacuate the air in the bag using your household vacuum cleaner's hose.

Tip: Store Other Linens in Plastic Tubs with Desiccant Packages

For any linen items you cannot store in a vacuum seal bag, using plastic tubs is a better option than cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can be chewed by rodents and should not be used to store clothing or linens for a long time. However, since moisture can build up inside of the plastic container and this will lead to mold problems, you must place a desiccant package in each tub to absorb the excess humidity.

Tip: Inspect The Storage Unit Content Yearly

Finally, small storage unit issues can become larger issues if you leave them go for years without discovery. For this reason, you should inspect your self-storage unit's contents each year to make sure that there isn't any problem with moisture, insects, or rodents. If you will be outside of the country, then you should ask a friend or relative still in the area to checkup on your storage unit and its contents for you.